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Kill Bug – Infinity Shooting 1.1.6 Apk + Mod (Free Shopping) Android

Welcome to Kill Bug!
A kind of awesome toilet game to kill time!
Can’t stop shooting! Fire! Fire! Fire!

How to play:
Move your finger and slide the aircraft in the screen to shoot the alien virus enemies.
When the enemies died, you will get coins and special skills.
Avoid to touch the enemies, or you will lose.
Coins can be used to upgrade the aircraft skills, weapons and daily coins gain.

Game features:
Over 100 levels to conquer.
Various weapons to choose and upgrade.
Free download, free get props by coins and just watch video to get more coins, share our game and get even triple coins.
Special skills in random, you can even turn defeat into victory.
Easy operation method that can be easily accessed without teaching.
Reproduce electric playground operation. Really thrilling fun!

About Virus:
1: The virus does not have any attack method. They only swim and if they hit the head of your plane, you will die.

2: The virus has a splitting effect. By color identification, red purple blue green yellow. When it comes to yellow, it will not split, if turn 0, it will die and disappear directly. However, the color and body shape of child virus will not be higher than the parent after splitting.

3: Large virus is stronger and moves slowly, and small virus is weaker and moves quickly.

4: The virus attached attribute is determined by the shape of a circle of tentacles outside the virus. There are mainly the following:
Adhesive virus: limit the player’s movement sensitivity. When multiple viruses stick to the player, it is almost impossible for the player to move.
Self-explosive virus: self-detonation after being injured to a certain amount of blood, the blood volume of various viruses is different, and the virus will shake before the explosion, about 2 seconds, the self-explosion produces about 1 second of the aperture determination, the player dies when touched.
Tracking virus: Following the player, especially the small virus, faster, very annoying. Viruses that do not have tracking skills will only flow straight or diagonally. Once they are evaded, they will enter the bottom of the screen and reappear from above. It is relatively peaceful.
Nanny virus: Not only add their own blood, but also through the tentacles to connect the neighboring small virus together. But when they are adding blood, they are basically stop.

5: The virus has a group effect in the later stage. Usually, five small child viruses are closely surrounded by a large mother body. Although it is also not aggressive, the area is full of atmosphere and brings trouble to avoid. What’s more important is that there is a small circle of child virus, and the bursting effect is difficult to reach the mother. For example, the same five equal-volume scattered viruses, and one parent with five small viruses, are completely different defense grades. Especially in the middle of the red big virus with the blood volume of Million level, but also bring the effect of the nurse, around 5 small viruses bring tracking or adhesion effects. . . .

Free! Free! Free! Free to download!
Upgrade mode, can be added to the main weapon, auxiliary weapons, gold coins. Develop your own unique property fighters.
There are advertising benefits every day, 3 times points or resurrection.


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Hitman Sniper Latest Version Apk Download

Hitman Sniper Apk is the best shooting game. In the game, you play the character of famous sniper Agent 47. You have to complete given missions as per guidance. You need to kill enemies before they find and kill you. What makes this game more interesting is that your position is fixed. You cant simply move and this increases the chance to get killed. The game features beautiful scenes which are inspired and taken from the state of Montenegro. Hitman Sniper is an FPS game that is the first-person shooter game. This game is created by Square Enix L.T.D which are considered as one of the best game developers on google play store. If you are searching to download Hitman Sniper Latest Version Apk file for android then you have landed on the right website. You can download it with the help of download button mentioned below.

No one can just can’t compare this game with others shooting games on android platform. The player will have to use your skills which will develop slowly after you start to play the game. Unlike other shooting games, In this game ammo and limited and real physics work on the bullet. It will not be an easy task for you to kill your enemies out. Whether change can cause rain or make the day windy, this can make it harder for you to eliminate your enemies. In Hitman Sniper mostly you are located on opposite side of the hills. Your enemies are very far and you have to click anywhere on the screen to scope. Fell the real heat of using a sniper when all natural affecting factors are working on bullets. The compartments and buildings are filled with bodyguards and sniper guys. Download Hitman Sniper Apk Latest Version for Android

   Download APK

  Download OBB

After you fire the first bullet all civilians start running near to bodyguards which makes it more difficult for you to kill them. If you kill many civilians the mission is canceled leading to losing. If you miss a gunshot nearby any bodyguards or some other bodyguard sees a dead body then they seek help. You will not have much time after that to complete your mission. You need to kill them all before they answer the call or mission will be failed. Developers have focused a lot on sounds effects. Every sound is perfect from firing a bullet using a silencer, shells falling on the ground, civilians crying and running here and there for help and even something sound of yourself when bullets hit you and you die.

Hitman Sniper Apk Info:

There is a cool female commander who gives you training and gives you hints when in need. Unlike other sniper games, some operation has to be completed in a fixed time, if you cross your limits you will be shot by bodyguards. If you need higher ratings and want to make a good score you need to make a perfect strategy to kill them all. Let’s check out all info about this apk file.

  • App Name – Hitman Sniper Apk
  • Developer – Square Enix L.T.D
  • Latest Version – 1.7.105781
  • Last Update – 2018-03-23
  • File Size – 365 MB
  • Game Type – Shooting

I would like to share a pro tip with you to make this game easier. When any bodyguard is near a pool, you can directly shoot him and his dead body will fall in the pool. No other bodyguard will notice as they will not see inside the pool.

Hitman Sniper Apk Features:

If we make a list of all features of this game, the list will never end. Hitman Sniper is a treasure of thrill and joy altogether. Who is the most loyal person for a sniper man? Simple his Sniper gun which is nearly everything for him. This game gives us happiness and develops confidence when we keep winning many battles of after other. This game turns into a great brain teaser when we find any level difficult and stuck to complete that mission.

  • Best sniper shooting game on play store as per reviews from players.
  • Perform the role of world famous Agent 47.
  • Kill your targets and collect various types of equipment which will help you to upgrade your sniper.
  • All scenes are taken from the state of Montenegro.
  • If you miss some pieces of equipment or some secrets in any mission, you can reply it.
  • Around 150 different missions to complete.
  • Impressive sound effects and visual graphics.

These are some of the features of Hitman Sniper which make this game unique from all other sniper shooting games. I think after reading them all you have found this game to be very interesting. Each section of the games contains separate tasks and of different types, this is necessary so that the player never feel bored.

Requirements to Play Hitman Sniper for Android:

There are no special requirements to install Hitman Sniper on your phone. But, as many people asked in previous articles that what should be the minimum requirements to use mentioned application. So, this time we have already kept this in mind and going to share a list of all the required things before someone asks:

  • Android Phone (Running on Android version 4.1 and up)
  • Hitman Sniper Apk (Download link shared below)

Yeah, these are the only requirements. Amazed? Actually, it’s a normal game as like others so there is no such type of special requirements. You can easily play it on any Android phone running on Android version 4.1 and higher. This is the only requirement for this game. No need for internet connection, you can play it offline. Now, come to the downloading part. We have shared download button just after this paragraph. Scroll down a bit and check it.

Download Hitman Sniper Apk Latest Version

Hitman Sniper game is available in-app purchases as well as free also. But, the free version can be downloaded by anyone from google play store. Right? Yeah, so we are going to share its paid version which is available for Rs.77, Well, don’t worry because in our case, you don’t need to pay even a single penny. Now, have a look at the download button shared below and download Hitman Sniper Apk with a single click.

   Download APK

  Download OBB

Have you downloaded the Apk from Download button above? If not and facing any issue, feel free to comment down below, we will solve all of your queries. Now, whenever you want to download the newer version of Hitman Sniper, you can visit this page directly. So, we recommend you to bookmark this page for future updates.

How to install Hitman Sniper Apk on Android

If you have not installed any apk file earlier then don’t get stressed. I am providing you step by step guide. Follow these steps and get the Apk file installed on your phone. There are plenty of different snipers available to choose from. Every gun has its own specialists, you should always choose a perfect gun for different missions. It will make it easy for you to complete that particular mission. Now follow all the steps shared below and easily installed the game from apk file.

  • First of all download the Hitman Sniper Latest Version Apk from here.
  • When downloading process finishes, open the apk file and click on the install button.

Install Hitman Sniper

  • Now installation process will start, wait for a while.

Installing Sniper

  • When it gets finished, click on the Open button.

Open Sniper Hitman

  • You have now successfully installed Hitman Sniper game on your mobile.

Hitman Sniper Apk

That’s all you have to do for installing the Hitman Sniper Latest Version Apk file after downloading it on your phone. I hope it was simple and everyone can easily do this.

Final Words:

So that was all about the best sniper shooting game, Hitman Sniper Apk and I hope you have installed this game on your phone. If not then why are you waiting for? Don’t waste much time and grab it now. I have already mentioned every small detail about this game. If you are facing any problem then feel free to share with us in the comment section.

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NetFlix MOD Apk Download For Android 2018 (Free Membership)

NetFlix Mod Apk: NetFlix is a world’s famous online video, Movies streaming platform. You can Stream latest Movies, Series HD anytime using NetFlix Website. It specializes in and provides streaming media and video-on-demand online and DVD. For some time the company had considered offering movies online, but it was only in the mid-2000s that data speeds and bandwidth costs had improved sufficiently to allow customers to download movies from the net.

No Doubts NetFlix is very best for streaming movies and videos but it is a Paid service you have to purchase there monthly or yearly subscription for it. But, Don’t worry today we are going to share NetFlix Mod Apk using this modded NetFlix version you can stream any show without any subscription for free. So Just Download NetFlix Apk which is provided by us and start streaming your favorite movies and Tv Shows. Using NetFlix Premium Apk you can also download Movies and TV Shows for free in High-Speed.

SB Game Hacker Apk | Aptoide Apk Download | OGWhatsApp Apk Download

NetFlix also provides free Membership for 30 days so If you want to get this membership then just install the modified NetFlix Apk and sign up on the Android Phone.

Content Navigation [hide]

  • 1 NetFlix MOD Apk 2018 Download For Android
  • 2 How to Download & Install NetFlix Mod Apk 2018?
  • 3 Features of NetFlix Premium Mod Apk 2018
    • 3.1 Frequently asked questions
    • 3.2 #1. What should I watch on Netflix
    • 3.3 #2. How to cancel Netflix
    • 3.4 #3. How much does Netflix cost
    • 3.5 #4. How to download movies from Netflix
    • 3.6 #5. How to get Netflix for free
    • 3.7 #6. How many users can use Netflix at a time
    • 3.8 Final Words
      • 3.8.1 Recent search terms:

NetFlix MOD Apk 2018 Download For Android

NetFlix is the World’s famous website for Streaming TV Episode and Movies on your phone. Many People are looking for NetFlix Premium Account and NetFlix Premium Apk But, they didn’t find anything related to this because they were providing NetFlix cracked Apk 2018. So Just Click on the Download Button to Download NetFlix Mod Apk Free 2018 latest version.

AppDetailsNameNetFlix Mod ApkSize18.71MBInstalls100000000+Versionv5.12.2Supported VersionAndroid 4.0+Updated on30 Jan 2018

   NetFlix Mod Apk

How to Download & Install NetFlix Mod Apk 2018?

  • First of all, Uninstall the Previous Version of NetFlix App.
  • Then, Download NetFlix MOD Apk 2018 from below.
  • Now go to the settings>>security>>Unknown resources and enabled it.
  • Now tap on the downloaded NetFlix Premium Apk and click on Install Button.
  • Now Open it and click on “Sign Up” where they will ask about payment just “Enter” it.
  • Your account verified now after this process cancels that membership and then you will get a free membership of 30 days.
  • After successful Login, you can use full features of this NetFlix Premium Apk on your Android device.

Vidmate apk | How to Make Selfies With Dorian Rossini | 9Apps apk

Features of NetFlix Premium Mod Apk 2018

  • Netflix Premium Apk gives you access to Stream unlimited TV shows and movies for Free.
  • Using Netflix app you can watch as many TV episodes & movies anytime.
  • You can download a growing selection of thousands of titles, and new episodes that are added regularly.
  • Search for titles and watch immediately on your mobile phone.
  • Start watching on one device, and resume watching on another.
  • is available for all the TVs, game consoles, tablets, phones, Blu-ray players and set-top boxes.

Frequently asked questions

#1. What should I watch on Netflix

Ans: 13 Reason Why, Money Heist, Stranger Things, Lost In Space, Black Mirror, Iron Fist, Love per Square foot, Star Trek, Daredevil, Frontier, A Series of Unfortunate Events, American Vandal.

#2. How to cancel Netflix

Ans: In case you need to cancel your Netflix membership then go to the account settings, and you can see an option in the left side MEMBERSHIP & BILLING and a button cancel membership click on this button, and your membership closed.

#3. How much does Netflix cost

Ans: There are three monthly plans for the Netflix which is following.

BasicRs.500/monthStandard HDRs.650/monthPremium Ultra HDRs.800/month

You can buy any Netflix plan according to your usages.

#4. How to download movies from Netflix

Ans: You can download selected films or TV series using Netflix to watch offline later. Currently, you can download movies from Netflix mobile application only; the app is available for Android & IOS platform. The Netflix app or software also supports Windows 10 devices so if you have computer or tablet with Windows 10 then you have an opportunity to download movies from Netflix.

#5. How to get Netflix for free

Ans: Netflix offers new users 30 days free trial, so if you are a new user on Netflix you can create your account and get free 30 days trial you can cancel membership at any time when you do not want to use Netflix anymore.

#6. How many users can use Netflix at a time

Ans: Netflix supports Max 5 users so five users can create there profile in an account and enjoy there favorite series and movies without any intermittence.

Final Words

The NetFlix Mod Apk is the one and the last option to stream latest movies in HD for free otherwise you can try with monthly Subscription or any other website who provide free movies and tv series for free. If you have any other website or app who provide free latest HD movies then please let me know in the comment section.

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Pokemon GO APK 0.147.1 Download (Official Latest Version)

People in around 37 countries are going crazy over the latest installment in the Pokemon franchise which is a game called Pokemon Go. It has just been a few weeks since its release and Pokemon Go Apk has already broken numerous records. The response it received from the people was unexpectedly huge and overwhelming.

Now, it has become so much popular that it is all over the news, social networking websites and whatnot. Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game which was first released on July 7, 2016. This mobile game, just within a few weeks of its release, has broken many records already.

It has left behind some of the immensely popular games like Candy Crush Jelly Saga, Piano Tiles 2, and many more in terms of downloads.

Contents [show]

Pokemon Go India APK Download For Android

There are many Asian countries where it is still very much popular. These countries include India, Thailand, China, South Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore, Phillippines, and some others. Many Pokemon fans are eagerly waiting for Pocket monsters to appear in their country, especially in India.

Kids in India like in many other countries loved to watch Pokemon’s cartoon tv series back in the 90s. Everything related to Pokemon, be it toys, clothes, or anything was adored by the 90s’ kids. We all wanted to go and get them all back then and were sad after it was over in the late 90s. Of course, we also got attached to other cartoons and animes after that but Pokemon was never forgotten. And now that it has come back in the form of a game, we all are dying to get our hands on it.

Download Pokemon Go

Though Pokemon GO is still not available in India, you can directly download pokemon go apk file from and run it. You will be able to play Pokemon Go game in India.

The Latest Version of Pokemon Go Apk is 0.147.1, Last updated on June 27, 2019.

It was said that Pokemon Go is gaining popularity in some of the Asian countries including India. But it turned out to be just a rumor. And now the AR-based app is out and finally launched in many Asian countries. This includes India, Phillippines, Taiwan, China, Pakistan, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, and Bangladesh in August. Now let’s just hope that this will continue for good.

IDM is the Best Download Manager for Windows. You can download IDM or download IDM crack from here.

How to Download and Install Pokemon Go APK
Even before its official release, people have found a way of playing Pokemon Go APK in India and the game is working perfectly. Given below are the steps by which you can download pokemon go game in India (where it has still not yet launched).

  1. Open a browser.
  2. Go to the website or you may click here.
  3. Search for Pokemon Go and then click on Download APK option.
  4. A new page will open. The download will commence itself but if it doesn’t, click on the Download option there.
  5. When the download is complete, install the app.
  6. Enjoy playing Pokemon Go APK.

Pokemon Reports

Sensor Tower, which is a mobile data intelligence firm, took a survey of Pokemon Go’s downloads. And their report said that the game reached 75 million download times on Android and its platforms.

All of this in just 19 days post its release. The report also stated that Pokemon Go has even left behind Walt Disney’s iconic cartoon character Mickey Mouse in terms of popularity.

This only shows the popularity Pokemon Go has gained in such a little time. The reason for its popularity is the fact that Pokemon was one of the very famous cartoon tv series back in the 90s and now it is back providing everyone with a sense of nostalgia. Plus, the game operates in such a way that you have to find Pokemon around you in a real-life experience. All it needs is an accurate GPS and a strong internet connection.

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Best VPN Apps For Android 2018 (Both Free & Premium)

If you are a frequent internet surfer, you might have faced the unavailability of the websites/services in the country you live, or your ISP blocks you from being entered (Thanks to net neutrality). If it happens at your end no matter how much you try, without masking the IP, you cannot do anything. Let’s take another example, for some confidential things to be on the safer side you have to make use of VPNs while you’re on any public internet like WiFi in Airport.

Here is where the need for a good VPN service comes handy. It masks your real Internet Protocol (IP) address and assigns you with an virtual IP, that probably would be located in western countries. If it pretty easy on PC, where you install few exclusive extensions you are good to go. On Android, you have to install VPN apps to start the game. Luckily, we have got some worthy paid & free VPN apps to enjoy the day. These are handpicked service sorted randomly, pick anything according to your needs. Let’s check out some of the best VPN Apps for Android 2018 which includes both free & premium VPN services, shall we?

Contents [Show]

Best VPN Apps For Android 2018 – Both Free & Paid

1. ExpressVPN – Recommended by Android Crush

ExpressVPN is the hands-down paid VPN service one can have on their smartphones. The reliability, performance is something you exclusively pay for. They have whopping 148+ servers spread across 94 countries, it not only makes your connection faster but also highly confidential. As the industry standard, ExpressVPN’s network is secured with SSL and 256-bit encryption, which is not that easy to crack as you might know.

ExpressVPN For Android

The base plan helps you to connect to mobile phones, desktops, and tablets with unlimited bandwidth or data usage. Best part, you can configure the connection type that includes UDP and TCP using OpenVPN connections. The download and upload speed are decent when connected, thanks to the high-performance servers. Best part, here on Android Crush we use ExpressVPN on our smartphones and desktop as it has the seamless integration in almost all the platform. This is the “go to” solution we currently have, we might switch to any other if we found something even better.

Best part, there is a offer going on for our readers, get the plan before it ends.

Get ExpressVPN (75% Off)

2. ZPN Connect

ZPN is a so-called premium service, but it is free for the most part. Being a pioneer app to allocate the massive bandwidth for its user, it’s the hands down VPN for the light to moderate usage. With the free signup, you’ll get the 10 GB of free usage with unlimited validity. You can upgrade to the premium plan any time for the unlimited bandwidth.


The user interface is quite is legible and clearly arranged. It also provides ample options to tweak for the extra security and speed. Apart from that, it can also prevent from tracking your personal files online. A hands down free vpn service for Android to give a try.

Get ZPNconnect

3. DroidVPN

DroidVPN might not be the best VPN app but would serve as a backup if you had something to deal with privacy. The 100 MB per day data cap is decent for average users. Moreover, you won’t get too many servers to pick in the free version, you are restricted to access two servers, which would be busy for most of the times.

The premium plan makes your way clear for unlimited bandwidth and a wide array of elite servers to choose from.


Luckily, you can configure your connection through TCP headers, UDP or ICMP. It’s one of the Android VPN services that is compatible with the ICMP connection. The only con we found so far was the server busy issue, it does not happen often but remains unsolved as there are only servers.   DownloadQR-Code DroidVPN – Easy Android VPN Developer: DroidVPN Inc. Price: Free+

4. OpenVPN

If you need unlimited bandwidth for free, then OpenVPN is the “go-to” solution. It’s an open source service from OpenVPN Project that makes use of the Android’s generic VPN API to unblock the restricted access. Since it is utilizing the native API, you don’t need to root your Android device to get started.

But connecting to the VPN is a pain, you have to download the VPN configurations and import them to your device to get connected. Once the connection is established, then stay relaxed and enjoy the data. Follow the steps to get configurations,

  • Go to VPN Book.
  • Download OpenVPN servers.
  • Extract the servers zip with RAR.
  • Then, import the server in OpenVPN.
  • Tap the servers to connect.
  • Enter the username & password from here.

Well that being said, speed fluctuates, and if you have got faster servers, you’ll get incredible speed. For free, it’s one of the best Android VPN apps you can get.   DownloadQR-Code OpenVPN for Android Developer: Arne Schwabe Price: Free  

5. VyprVPN

VyprVPN matured out from its infant stage, and now it is serving for thousands of individuals to protect the online privacy. It boasts about the Chameleon 256 – bit encryption, which is the OpenVPN 256 – encryption on steroids, they claim it prevents the deep packet inspection. You can configure the port to connect with or set it to automatic.

Vypr VPN

VyprDNS is something that separates Vypr from others. Basically it the Vypr owned zero logging DNS servers to resolve the host names faster. The private connection per app is something we fond of; it tunnels to the internet connection for the particular app you choose. They have hundreds of servers from worldwide, which is ideal for unblocking the services/sites not available in your country. With a free account, you’ll get 500 MB of data which can be upgraded to the unlimited bandwidth for under 12$ a month.   DownloadQR-Code VPN: Best Private & Secure VyprVPN Developer: Golden Frog, GmbH Price: Free+

6. FinchVPN

FinchVPN is one more semi-premium VPN service that has the higher data caps and servers to connect with. With a free account, you get over five different server locations and 3 GB of data cap per month. Further, you can customize the connection by assigning the port,  and protocol. If you are quite advanced user then anti-DPI, SSH VPN, and SOCKS VPN might help you to stay anonymous. Further, if you need to connect through any open-VPN config, there is room for that as well.


The premium unlocks elite servers, which has over 1 GBPS connections for unparalleled speed. But the free account serves most of the users need unless you need them badly.   DownloadQR-Code Free & Premium VPN – FinchVPN Developer: Finch Technology Enterprise Price: Free+

7. Hideman

Hideman is the straightforward app that masks your presence, it is available for free as Hideman free VPN, which enables you to connect from seven distinct locations globally. Best part, two of them supports torrent downloading out of the box. Best part, it is encrypted with 256-bit protection is hard to decrypt, you can browse anonymously without leaving any footprint.


It supports anti-DPI, malware protection, port forwarding and other advanced settings as well. After the successful connection, there is an option to change the IP address from the drop-down menu if you need. Overall, a hassle free way to get out of the online tracking radar.

Hideman Free VPN   DownloadQR-Code Hideman Free VPN Developer: ETsoft Price: Free  

Hideman   DownloadQR-Code Hideman VPN Developer: ETsoft Price: Free+

8. Hotspot Shield

It is the simple yet productive app to take care of your privacy concern if you are stepping in for the first. The user interface has got tons of changes which got better at times, but the ads in the free version is quite annoying.

Hotspot Shield

When it comes to the connectivity, it stays strong. You can use unlimited bandwidth in the free account with few locations to connect from. The Elite plan steps you out of the chaos UI and provides ample location for connection. Since, it is available in all the platforms including, Windows, iOS, Android, and Mac it is worth to invest for the elite plan.   DownloadQR-Code Free VPN –Hotspot Shield Basic Developer: AnchorFree GmbH Price: Free+

9. Rocket VPN

Rocket VPN is another premium service with a user-friendly interface, worldwide servers, responsive technical support makes it go to solution. With the free account, you get 250 MB of data cycle per month that will renew each month.


The lack of advanced settings, and the ads free experience might be a deal breaker for some of us. But it gets the job done by masking your IP with any virtual location. Check out our review about Rocket VPN, to get more insight.   DownloadQR-Code Rocket VPN Free – Internet Freedom Fast VPN Proxy Developer: Liquidum Limited Price: Free+

10. Betternet

We cannot skip Betternet if you talk about privacy. It is the old-school VPN service that is completely free to use without any hidden charges. Since it is free, you cannot connect to different servers. You have to bare with a single US server for all your needs, if you are okay, you can upgrade to premium anytime for various locations.


Premium plan also eliminates the advertisements; you won’t be annoyed with any ads. Also, you can connect up to 5 devices with the same account.   DownloadQR-Code VPN Free – Betternet Hotspot VPN & Private Browser Developer: Betternet LLC Price: Free+

11. Turbo VPN

A bigger brother a Betternet, Turbo VPN let you connect with six different location without any bandwidth limit. The servers are efficient enough to get decent speed while you are connected, although the privacy might not be a highly encrypted like premium, we complain as it is free.

Turbo VPN

There is a technical support window opened, which you can hang around if you had something to deal technically.

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How To Root Android Mobile Without Computer

Hi guys, Today we talk about  how to root our android mobile without pc . When we complete rooting then we do many things in our android mobile. You can root android without pc with the help of this easy guide. These simple apps are helping you to root your android mobile. Rooting of our android mobile has some advantage and some disadvantage For full detail read this article from start to end. If you decided to root your device without pc then do it with the help of these rooting apps. These apps are working perfect in many android mobiles and you can do it instantly without any risk.

How To Root Android Mobile Without Computer

 What Is Rooting

Page Contents [hide]

  • 1  What Is Rooting
  • 2 Advantages And Disadvantages Of Rooting
    • 2.1 Advanteges
    • 2.2 Disadvantage
  • 3 Do Before Root
  • 4 How To Root Android Mobile Without PC
  • 5 # Framaroot
    • 5.1 Root Android Mobile With Framaroot
  • 6 # Kingroot
    • 6.1 Root Android Mobile With Kingroot
  • 7 # Vroot
  • 8 Final Words
  • 9 Share this:
  • 10 Related

Many time you can hear about rooting but some time you think that what is rooting? Rooting means you get extra control of your android internal software or understand like this, you can access sub system of android. Rooting has many advantages but some disadvantages too. After rooting you can do many experimental thing. But before root your android mobile please read advantages and disadvantages of rooting carefully. Read also– How To Download Gapps For Marshmallow Custom Roms

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Rooting

Every thing has their own advantages and disadvantages. Here i describe some advantage and their disadvantage of rooting android mobile. So Carefully read every step and then decide to root your mobile. I also posted How To Control Your PC From Android Mobile


  • Increase your mobile’s Ram and internal memory
  • Increase CPU speed , it boosted over all performance of your android mobile.
  • Also Increase Battery life of your android phone
  • After root you can flash custom roms who add many features.
  • Many useless app who pre installed you can uninstall them after root.


  • In rooting process Rarely mobile get bricked and never switch on.
  • Rooting is illegal process. After root your mobile’s warranty get void.
  • You can not update your mobile in latest version via OTA.
  • Some app not support rooted Android mobile

Do Before Root

  1. Make backup of your important data like contact, videos, photos etc. in external storage before root.
  2. Keep your mobile fully charged before root
  3. Enable unknown source option In the setting of your android phone
  4. Keep ready stock firmware (ROM) of your mobile, If your android mobile get bricked, then you can repair it.

How To Root Android Mobile Without PC

# Framaroot

Framaroot is best app for root android device. You can root your android mobile with the help of this app in few click and your mobile will rooted in approx 2 minutes. In app you get three menu button simply click any one its final and in few second your mobile successfully rooted. This app is safe and no risk to use it. Some time some android mobile not rooted with it so this app will tell you at the end. This is the best app to root android without pc. Follow steps to root your android mobile with framaroot.

Root Android Mobile Without Computer

Root Android Mobile With Framaroot

  • First download and install framaroot in your android mobile Download Framaroot
  • Open it and select super user or supersu.
  • Then click on root button Now you make done.
  • At last you find a success message.

# Kingroot

Kingroot is popular app to root android mobile. With this app mostly android mobile get rooted who based on (MTK) mediatek processor. You use this app on all MTK android mobile of kitkat version. It works perfecly on it. This app is supp-ab and simple to use and it root your mobile safely without any risk. Generally it works on all mobiles who works on android 4.4 version. If you use micromax mobile then this app is best for you because mostly they used MTK processor.

Root Android Mobile Without PC

Root Android Mobile With Kingroot

  • Download and install Kingroot in your android mobile Download Kingroot
  • Open this app, now you see option root your phone click on it.
  • After some time your android will rooted successfully.

# Vroot

Vroot is another best app for root android mobile without pc. In this app you root your mobile in one click as in previous apps. It works perfectly on lava and karbonn mobile. But don’t try on samsung mobile because it is not suitable for samsung android mobile. If you use lava and karbonn phones then this app is best for you to root your phone. This app is best for chines phones. This app is simply best and easy to use, download it from here.

Root Android Without PC

Download Vroot

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Final Words

This is top 3 apps for root android mobile without pc. Many users have only mobile not pc and they want to root their mobile then these methods work. You can root your mobile easily without risk. I guided you in some easy steps to root. I think you like this article. For any query comment me. Thanks for reading.

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