7 Alternative Apps Like Snapchat 2018

Snapchat, the next big leap in the instant text messaging apps. It changed the way we share photos and videos, by introducing the auto-destructive feature. It leads Snapchat creating a wave in the play store, this app became one of the leading photo or video sharing apps worldwide. Apart from the destructive timer, most of the things resonate with WhatsApp and others.

Though few might like the way Snapchat is, it is not everyone’s cup of tea. Unless you’re okay having apps like Snapchat savers to overcome the so-called auto-destructive messages. With its shortcoming, at one point you might look for some alternative apps like Snapchat. If you’re in that situation then we have something to share with you today. Check out these similar Snapchat alternative apps to spice up your game, without any further ado let’s dive in shall we?

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Alternative Apps Like Snapchat For Android 2018

1. SlingShot

Slingshot is yet to know but feature-rich instant messenger app which is the perfect alternative to Snapchat from the Facebook Inc. Being the resonating app with Snapchat, you could text message, share video or image with your buddies. Unlike Snapchat, you could respond with the image or video by drawing a doodle or taking a picture as a comment.

With simple and straightforward UI Slingshot stands out in the crowd. You don’t have to be a techie to use this app; UI is somewhat relevant to Snapchat. Furthermore, you could automate or schedule your text messages or any file to share. It is only available for iOSusers.

2. Wickr

Wickr is another Snapchat alternative emerged out as an encrypted instant messenger back in 2012. Like Snapchat, your messages, videos, and images would be deleted after a particular time (either you may allocate, or it would get ruined when it reached the standard time). When it comes to the security, Wickr stands erect, like the recent updates in WhatsApp you’ll get the end-to-end encryption for text messages.

You could find your partner either by entering the name or by importing the existing contact details. Like Snapchat filters, you could edit your images, add texts, add filters before you send. Apart from that, you’ll get this app for your iOS or Android for free.   DownloadQR-Code Wickr Me – Private Messenger Developer: Wickr Inc Price: Free  

3. ClipChat

ClipChat is another great startup looks exactly similar to Snapchat. Is a video sharing an app that let you send or receive images, text messages like a breeze? Like all, it helps you to maintain the privacy the files you send would be deleted automatically. With the high-end encryption, you don’t have to worry about the privacy.

With the dilute and light User interface, Clipchat stands first followed by Snapchat. If you were a default Snapchat user, you don’t have to worry; it might look relevant to Snapchat. One thing that I found very useful feature is, you’ll get a notification when your buddy tries to take the snap of the received images. Doesn’t that cool?But most of the features work in the latest version of Android or iPhone. Apart from that, ClipChat is something that is essential to stay anonymous.   DownloadQR-Code ClipChat Developer: the Biryani Kitchen Price: Free  

4. Cyberdust

Cyberdust is another Snapchat alternative app that, let the messages or attachment you send delete within minutes. It plays a perfect role in maintaining your privacy and leave no trace. It makes it similar to Snapchat.

The User interface is quite awkward, but surely you’ll love once you fit in comfort. Apart from images, you could transfer GIF, stickers, web page URLs it gets vanished in no time. Like Snapchat,  you could able to edit the images by adding appropriate filters, text or stickers. You cloud blast the message for multiple persons. Like others, you’ll be notified if anyone tries to capture the screenshot of the images you have sent. Everything is beautiful and professional when it aligns with the encrypted security.   DownloadQR-Code Dust Messaging Developer: Radical App LLC Price: Free+

5. Viber

Viber is the free instant messenger that stood up with its plethora of features. You can text message with your friends, and decide whether you need to destruct it or not. Either you turn off the self-destructing feature if you don’t need. For fun, you can play games with your friends and the scored would be recorded. The end-to-end encryption makes your text messaging flawless regarding security. Everything remains perfect; you can share videos, pictures and other file formats without any glitch.

You can create a group and manage your members up to 200; it makes your communication lot easier. Further, free voice or video calling makes it worth Snapchat alternative. Overall, Viber deserves the sweet spot.   DownloadQR-Code Viber Messenger Developer: Viber Media S.à r.l. Price: Free+

6. WhatsApp

Whatsapp is the familiar instant messaging app that is very much popular with the Google apps. In many smartphones, Whatsapp comes by default. Even you could make Whatsapp as a Snapchat replacement. You could send images, videos, documents (recent update), URL and much more.

Like Snapchat, the files your send weren’t deleted after the particular time interval. It remains as long as the user manually removes them. Other than this feature, everything is relevant to the Snapchat. Even you could create a group and chat together, voice call for free. Everything comes with Whatsapp, it up to you whether you make use of it or not.   DownloadQR-Code WhatsApp Messenger Developer: WhatsApp Inc. Price: Free  

7. Kik Messenger

The Whatsapp contemporary messenger that created a wave in the text messaging arena. You don’t need any mobile number to get the account created; it works on the old-school usernames. Well, as an attachment on could send images, videos, GIFs, and documents as well. Creating a group managing members won’t be an issue with Kik. A built-in internet browser comes handy if your friends sent any link or website link.   DownloadQR-Code Kik Developer: Kik Interactive Price: Free  

Wrapping Snapchat Alternatives,

Snapchat is ruling instant messaging apps world, if you were a hardcore user, you must know some cool apps like Snapchat alternatives for Android & iOS as a backup. If you don’t know the similar apps like Snapchat, you can’t do the things in the as it claims.

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