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You are reading this article because of some reasons, it might be that you want to know more about Kahoot or you just want Kahoot game pin. If you know what Kahoot is all about, you can simply skip to the section where will tell you about Kahoot game pins. But if you want to know about Kahoot as well, here is a brief description of what is all about and what you should know about the game.

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Kahoot Game Pin

Kahoot is a fun tool used by students and teachers all over the world. It is a game based LMS where teachers make learning a game and can easily make students learn and test them while making it all fun. The instructor may add a video or any other material and then the students will have to answer the questions according to that material the teacher provided to them.

It makes learning all the more fun than before and students take a lot more interest in it. It creates a sense of competitiveness. Another advantage of Kahoot is that It teaches students the skills of teamwork. Students learn how to work as a team and this is a really important skill to have when you grow up.

Teachers can add as many fun questions as they want, which means there is no limit to how many questions you can create in a Kahoot. You will need a game pin to enter a Kahoot and here, we are going to tell you what is game pin for Kahoot and how you can use it to enter into a Kahoot.

What is Kahoot game pin

The game pin is the information that the teachers provide you. You just have to enter that to the interface and enter the game. It is a set of numbers that you fill in the section to enter. Kahoot game pin is basically a code that you use to enter the game. Kahoot pin code is basically a password.

But if you want something official, here is what the support staff of Kahoot thinks what is Kahoot game pin, “A game PIN is a temporary, unique code that identifies which game you want to join. This PIN is generated when someone starts a live game or assigns a challenge”.

Now that you know what is Kahoot game pin, let’s jump to the next set of information.


Is Kahoot difficult to play?

Kahoot is pretty easy to use and play. There is no rocket science in playing a Kahoot game. It is really that easy. Just enter and play. And nothing else. However, the difficulty level of a Kahoot game can be measured by how much difficult questions there are. It differs from Kahoot to Kahoot. Some teachers might ask difficult questions while some may ask pretty much straightforward questions. But no worries, we are all here to learn and even if you answer something wrong, it’s still worth it as long as you have learned something new. Everyone wins!

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How to get Kahoot game pin?

Now that you know what is a Kahoot game pin? You must be thinking “how can I get random game pins?” or “How can I find Kahoot pin codes that always work?’. To answer these questions, we are here for you. So do not worry my friend.

Kahoot game pin is usually shared by the teacher who has created the Kahoot. He might be sharing his screen with you right now and the game pin is always there visible on the screen. There are also a lot of game pins available online. They are really popular and fun to play and that is why they are always online. You just have to enter then on the web browser of Kahoot and enjoy the game.

For you ease, we are going to share with you some of the all-time favorite Kahoot game pins. They are loved by the students and that is why they are so popular. I mean, then why someone decided to keep a record of random game pins right? LOL

  • 876490
  • 482301
  • 639006
  • 948200
  • 398484
  • 928845
  • 019304
  • 274921
  • 139100
  • 184920
  • 918410
  • 837333
  • 395017

But you have to keep in mind that when the Kahoot decides to change their algorithm or they update the system in general, these may stop working as those games might have new Kahoot game pins now and you might have to ask them in person for the game pin for Kahoot.

How to play Kahoot?

Now that you know what are Kahoot game pins and how you can get game pins for Kahoot, it’s time we tell you how to play Kahoot. It is really. Anyone can do it. It’s not that much big of a deal. No rocket science like all. All you have to do is join a Kahoot using the Free game pin that you have and play it. It’s interactive and fun so has a good time.

How to join a Kahoot?

You might still bethink that you know how to play a Kahoot but you don’t know how you can use the Kahoot game pin to join a Kahoot. Well, worry not, because by following simple and easy steps, you can easily join a Kahoot and score as much as you want and make learning fun like it was never before. I mean, learning is never interesting as long as you make it

These are the steps

  1. Login into Kahoot.it
  2. Enter the pin the browser
  3. Now, Enter the join button and enjoy the game.


For a long time, the school has never been interesting. Tradition teaching methods are exhausting and it’s just not fun anymore. And in this age of technology, students get easily distracted with other things. But there is no better way to make teaching more fun and interactive than Kahoot. Kahoot makes students interested in their studies and when it’s interesting and it’s all fun and games for them, they are way more focused and learn fast. It teachers them teamwork and many other things. So Kahoot is the way to go in schools.

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