Kahoot smasher – Best online Smashing Tool [Chrome extension +Apk ]

Before you guys jump in and read this blog about Kahoot smasher, let me give you a little tour about Kahoot and tell you guys what Kahoot hack is really all about. Now, we all know it was really boring for us to study while we were kids. Wanna know something? It was still boring. But not anymore! Kahoot, a game-based learning website provides a platform where you can make learning make fun. You can add quizzes, add videos. The kids love it. They learn it all while playing the games. It is best played when in groups so it creates an interactive atmosphere and enables kids to build skills to work as a team.

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Kahoot Smasher

We have talked about how fun it is for the students to learn using Kahoot. Kahoot makes it fun for both teachers and students. But the problem starts when some students start to have too much fun with Kahoot. They simply hack the teacher’s Kahoot by using Kahoot smasher. Smasher is a simple, yet effective hack where students can easily spam Kahoot by a large number of bots and easily make a fool of the teacher. You have fun, everybody haves a laugh, and a boring Kahoot game turns into fun LIKE IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE! Yeah, just smash the Kahoot online, smash it using our Kahoot smasher unblocked or by using Kahoot smasher extension.

Safe to use Kahoot smasher online?

Well, you had your fun, you made everyone laugh and made your day bright. But is it worth it? Is it safe? Will my teachers know about it? Am I going to get suspended? Your brain might get spammed by these questions. And it’s okay. We do not want these things to happen to you. The thing is, it all depends on how you use it. If you keep it natural and use it only when a teacher is not serious or when you are using it just with your friends. Some bots will be detected by the school’s security systems but you will not get detected as it will automatically deflect it to some other IP address.

But just for your own safety, use it in a few games now and then and keep the number of bots rather natural. Over spamming or rather “smashing it” will get you busted. So better to be on your guard.

How to Kahoot smash it online?

Now that you know about Kahoot smashing online and you also know how safe it is, and you are still reading this. This means only one thing, oh boy you want to have fun using our Kahoot Flooder. For that, we are going to tell you some simple steps. Follow these steps and smash those kahoots. First, you go on to our Kahoot smashing tool (most recommended) or you can get chrome extension. The information that the hack tool is going to be interested in is your pin code and the number of bots that you want in the Kahoot to smash it. So, these are simple steps that you are gonna know

  • Go to the user interface of the hack tool you are using
  • Enter the information it is asking
  • Now your pin code
  • tell us the number of bots you want
  • Enter bots names
  • Enter the spam it button or smash it button

Now, the fun part will begin, and the bots will start their job

How does it work?

Like everything on the internet, our smasher tool works by an algorithm. This allows for the bots to answer on your behalf and spam the Kahoot. There are a lot of smasher tools online. But will they work or not, that’s another question. Most of them are a big fat lie tho. Because passing through a security system is not easy

But once it passes through a security system, it floods the Kahoot with fake bots and answers. You got the session smashed, but how are the answers going to be? Are they going to be correct? Am I going to make a fool of myself? Well, buddy, we were able to smash the Kahoot but the quality of answers is a totally different thing. Usually, there are a lot of answers on our smasher databases. The AI analyzes the question and picks up the appropriate answers. But it is alright if the answers are silly. It makes it even more fun eh.

Kahoot Smasher apk

You used the Kahoot smasher extension on chrome, but is it going to work on the mobile? You actually can use the Kahoot smasher on mobile by downloading the apk and smash it online that way. For that, just follow these easy steps and you won’t have to use your PC for smashing a Kahoot. Use it on mobile instead.

  • First, download the Kahoot smasher apk.
  • Turn off the security firewall of your cellphone.
  • Install the apk.
  • Install the additional files of the apk.

The only step that remains is just to enter the information and Kahoot smash online using your mobile device. Keep it safe, work smartly, and no one can get you.

Why use our kahootsmasher?

There are a huge number of smasher hack tools online, so why are you going to use our tool? Dude the answer is pretty simple. The security systems of schools are getting pretty strong and with those security systems, it gets difficult to even get the kahootsmasher working, let alone getting yourself saved from getting caught. Even if the other tools are powerful enough to break the firewalls and they will Kahoot smash online, they will not work as smart as us.

Our bots use different IP addresses and when one bot gets caught, it directs to a bot of different IP addresses. You will not get caught. So if you do not want to get suspended boy, you better try our kahootsmasher hack tool.

But here is a pro tip of using such tools, use is smart. Use it in a way that it looks natural and you will not get caught.

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