THE Portégé R500 – World’s lightest and thinnest notebook PC


The Portégé R500 is the world’s lightest and thinnest notebook PC which measures 19.5 mm in height, approximately the same as a mobile phone. It also has the world’s longest battery life, lasting up to 14 hours. This laptop has the best reviews on many Online Stores due to its lightweight and batterytiming.  This notebook is perfect for David Hempleman-Adams in his bid to cross the Atlantic in a balloon. The Portégé R500 will have tracking devices, meteorological data and ATC (Air Traffic Control) frequencies installed to help flight planning.

David said, “Weight on this solo flight is critical which makes the Portégé R500 my perfect travelling companion.”

It is even durable in the event of any crash landings. Its battery timing is great. You can event watch complete world cup t20 matches in a single charge


TThe Portégé R500 comes in a sleek, silver design with blue illuminated front edge display.


The Portégé R500 weighs just 779 grams, less than a bag of sugar. This is almost 100 grams less than other rivals yet it is still filled with the world’s firsts, including the first 12.1 inch transflective LCD screen. This new screen technology means that whatever is on the screen – be it a dark film sequence or PowerPoint presentation – is readable no matter what the external light conditions are. This will be particularly useful for David when crossing the Atlantic in his balloon at night time.


Despite its small size, the Portégé R500 contains many security features to protect business data and personal information. The Portégé R500 also includes a spill resistant keyboard and in-built hard drive protection. If the notebook is dropped the hard disc drive can be locked to secure stored data.

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